Using Equipoise to improve your training process

Using Equipoise UK to improve your training process

Equipoise is the pharmaceutical name of androgen as well as an anabolic steroid (AAS) medication, Boldenone undecylenate, or boldenone undecenoate, which is used in veterinary medicines, generally in horses. This steroid was developed and patented by the Swiss pharmaceutical giant CIBA, which was a sub-brand of Novartis. The drug comes in the form of an injection. This steroid was patented in the year 1949, but variations of this drug were quickly developed as popularity increased. It was developed to give it to horses and cattle every six weeks. Other than the name Equipoise, this steroid is popularly, also known as Boldane, EQ, Boldo, Ganabol, or Parenabol.

The steroid was once popularly used as a performance enhancer very similar to testosterone. The legality of using this drug now varies from country to country, and it is now considered illegal in most places. It was found out that this high anabolic steroid was widely androgenic, and it increased the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in the body. It would also boost the release of erythropoietin. This was the reason why it became a solid all-round steroid, which was very popular among bodybuilders and sportspeople as it was used for cutting and bulking cycles. Its popularity in the use of human physical improvement declined as its effects were documented and were classified as illegal. It used to be directly injected into the muscle and brought about a lot of benefits as well as side effects, which are common to steroids. One cancel purchases the steroid in most countries like the USA or Canada, but it would only be for veterinary use and not for the human body. The people who still use this steroid usually find it in the black market or websites online. It is not very easy to buy it off the streets as it is not easily available. 

Uses Of This Drug

One of the variations of the Boldenone undecylenate, which was developed and sold in the 1960s for a very short period of time, was found to be not suitable for human use during the tests of the 1970s. Just like any other steroids, it was found that it could make people Moody and angry and become dependent on this drug if not properly regulated, which was a problem in most cases. It was consequently made illegal, and it is still considered so, and it is still not recommended to use it anymore. It is still considered a popular drug to be used on horses and other large pets. The hormones that the steroids simulate in the body helps these animals greatly. It is directly pumped into the muscles for the most effective use.

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Benefits Of Using Boldenone Undecylenate

Benefits Of Using Boldenone Undecylenate

The reason why Equipoise reached its height of popularity is due to its benefits, which make it even popular today among the illegal steroids that are in high demand in the market. The main benefit that Boldenone Undecylenate provides is that it helps stimulate the body to help the process of gaining muscles and to achieve a stronger body is here. Due to the added hormonal growth in the body due to the administration of this steroid, this hormone gives people more energy as it reacts with the chemicals in our muscles. This helps in accelerating muscle growth while making people addicted to steroids.

As people start to notice changes, they become propelled to abuse this drug and get addicted to it. Of course, one realizes that the benefits that the steroids provide to humans cannot compete with the extremely dangerous side effects, and that is why it has been deemed illegal for human use entirely. So you would not find this drug being available for human consumption in pharmacies and will be advised by Doctors to steer clear from it. However, the steroids are perfectly legal to use on horses, as these are beneficial to them immensely. The use of Equipoise on horses helps these animals to grow bigger and stronger by helping their muscles improve endurance. It also helps these horses to improve their recovery rates. There are hardly any negative side effects that horses have to endure when administered this drug. Horses have strong immune systems that form protection against the harmful effects of this drug. Of course, the same cannot be said about humans.

Equipoise is generally used as an alternative for testosterone, which makes people or animals feel more energetic and active. As people know, testosterone is the male hormone that is naturally produced in the body. It is also due to this factor people need to be careful about the dosage they administer to the horses. Just like you to would take more than the pills prescribed to you by doctors, you would not do the same with the animals. Overdosing on Equipoise will be quite harmful to your horse as it can ruin the horse’s body as it would not be able to process the sudden influx of huge amounts of the drug. This drug also increases the appetite, just like any other performance enhancer drug. People who use this drug have reported feeling hungry more often, and the same thing can be noticed in horses as well. This is very normal, and horse breeders will tell you this as well. It is nothing to worry about. 

Thus, even though we find that it is considered safe for humans to take Equipoise and it is illegal, we find people taking this drug as it is quite effective in helping people with their muscle growth. This steroid has the potential to help people as it does with the animals by increasing their physical capacity. However, until people are able to figure out to counteract the negative effects of this drug on how to create another steroid that has the same positive effects bought would be a risk. These kinds of drugs would not be available to the masses as the negatives of these steroids outweigh the benefits. 

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The Negative Side Effects Of Using Boldenone Undecylenate

As you can understand by now that Equipoise is a steroid, and like any other illegal steroid, this too can have extremely harmful effects of the drug abused by human beings. Research has shown that the use of this drug can cause individuals to have high levels of estrogen. Oestrogen or estrogen is the primary female sex hormone. When there is a high level of oestrogen in the body, it can lead to water retention and gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of male breasts that usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance. Most people underestimate the threat of having a high estrogen level, but it should not be taken lightly. It is recommended by most that individuals must intake an anti-estrogen drug into the system so as to counter the effects of this drug, and the chances of the side effects caused by high estrogen levels in the body are curbed.

The Negative Side Effects Of Using Boldenone Undecylenate

There is also the chance that Equipoise can change and individuals characteristics or their appearance if high dosages are administered to human beings. Men can face side effects such as baldness, acne, and hairiness around the body. These side effects are quite common, and many of those who have overdosed on these drugs have seen these changes in the body. It must be noted that Equipoise, unlike other drugs, does not give an intense characteristic change. This is because Equipoise has a different chemical structure, which is a unique world compared to other steroids that affect the physical changes in a person’s body. 

The side effect that horses feel from the administration of this drug is quite limited, as mentioned you to the strong immune system. That is the reason why it is still legal to use this drug for veterinary purposes. Of course, the immune system of human beings and animals is different. This is the reason horses can break down and reject the side effects of these drugs. It is to be noted that steroids can become extremely addictive if individuals who are taking them are not careful about the effects it has on its bodies. Steroids seem to be used by people mostly to improve their physique and the results of which can be perceived quite quickly.

The change in the people’s physique happens quite quickly, and it is much before the onset of the negative effects. This makes a lot of people addicted to the substance as they want to see the changes quicker. The change in the body gives people a boost and their confidence levels, and they perceive themselves to be more attractive. Many of them will also say that the steroid has increased their confidence to be more outspoken, which is never a great thing. A dependence on the steroid builds, which makes it quite dangerous. Legal drugs should not be intaken more than the prescribed amount, as the negative effects on the body can be quite great if one is not careful. 

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Dosage Of Equipoise For Humans As Well As Horses

People who take Equipoise run the risk of getting addicted to it and are recommended to use it in low quantities. Human beings should never take Equipoise more than 200 to 400 milligrams per week. This is because the effects of the steroid are very strong. If the high dosage is taken, then there is a higher chance of the likelihood that they will experience a build-up of estrogen in the body. Even small amounts of this drug can have a deep impact on the body. Anti-estrogen is advised to be used on the body if there is a build-up. 

The dosage system for the horses is much more complex than the dosage system for human beings. Veterinarians will tell you the recommended dosage for horses is about 0.5 milligram per pound of bodyweight intramuscularly. This means that the dosage relies on how heavy each individual horse is; care has to be given on each individual horse while administering steroids. Each horse will be different, and this has to be taken into account. 

Dosage Of Equipoise For Humans As Well As Horses

The Legal Status Of This Drug

Equipoise is an anabolic steroid, and like most anabolic steroids, it’s using is controlled in the USA. These kinds of drugs cannot be freely brought, distributed, or possessed by people. Individuals cannot legally own this drug or use it in the US as it is considered to be a schedule III controlled substance. A schedule III controlled substance can only be legitimately used when a physician prescribes it but not for the use in human beings. Therefore, any individuals using or storing Equipoise will face legal actions taken against them, which can lead to heavy fines or even imprisonment.

You would notice that laws on anabolic steroids in the US are much stricter than anyone else in the world, such as the UK or Canada, where it is classified as a scheduled IV substance. Thus, in these countries, one can possess and use this drug for personal use without a proper prescription, but the trafficking of the substance is still considered a felony. It must be noted that people who bring this drug into us are doing it illegally, even if they have purchased it legally in their country. These people can face the same penalties as the people who have purchased the steroid in the US. 

So, one can now understand the legal entities as well as the pros and cons of using Equipoise. However, one must be very careful about the laws in one’s country. Whichever way they acquire this drug, they should be aware of the laws in the country and do thorough research before they take any drugs. It should be taken into account that every dog has its own share of positive and negative effects. Ignoring the law in one’s country can put themselves in great danger, and such a situation must be avoided completely as well as getting addicted to steroids.