The benefits and harms of the Equipoise cycle in gaining quality muscle mass

The benefits and harms of the Equipoise UK cycle in gaining quality muscle mass

Equipoise is an anabolic steroid used for muscle gain and fitness of the body. At present days, Equipoise is in use of the veterinary field. In earlier days, Equipoise was applicable for humanitarian purposes, but at present, it is not for human use everywhere. Previously it was sold by the name of Parenabol. For almost two decades, Equipoise was in high consumption and huge demand. But by the 1970s, it was banned in virtually every country. Though it is still not in use in many countries, the craze of bodybuilders shares an unbreakable bond between people and the steroid.

Basics About Equipoise

Equipoise is a go-to compound for every bodybuilder who is crazy about his physique. Equipoise is such a compound that it stacks well with almost everything. You cannot gain a lot of weight from an equipoise cycle until and unless you are too thin. The most significant advantage a person gets by having an adequate equipoise cycle is that his body receives the perfection he needs. Equipoise never makes one go obese. It gives you steady and consistent body weight. No other steroid is as good as Equipoise is in muscle building or cutting fat from the body. This is an ultimate aid to body fitness. Equipoise works very fast on the body. The changes are worth noticing within weeks of usage. The most common problem that people face while on steroid is that of water retention. But when one uses Equipoise for getting a good and considerable physique, he never has to face any issue like that of water retention in the body. Equipoise is quite efficient in building the ability to maintain muscle gain rate even at times of caloric deficiency. Equipoise is an excellent cycling steroid. It is far better than other steroids used for bodybuilding purposes like trenbolone and testosterone. Its ability to stack with almost every other steroid makes it quite popular and useful among people from different age groups.

Basics About Equipoise

Why should you go for the Equipoise cycle?

Equipoise’s versatility with other steroids gives it some particular position among the bodybuilders. It is better than natural steroids like that of testosterone as it has got almost the same anabolic strength. Still, it does not exert much androgenic or estrogenic activity after usage. The aim of having an equipoise cycle is to have either a lean mass cycle or to have a bulking cycle. The person going through an equipoise cycle tends to get a significant mass, and size and strength increase. It is even essential for people with lots of body fat. The primary purpose of Equipoise is to give your imperfect body some level of perfection. Equipoise is also a relative or family member of Nandrolone, which is a natural hormone in the body. Equipoise should always be in a cycle due to its Udencylenate ester attached, which makes its effect run for a long time. 

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Equipoise Dosage

The dosage of Equipoise depends on three factors mainly. The first one being the experience of the person, the second one is the person’s body weight, and last but not least is the aim or goal of the person.

  • Experience: any drug steroid should not be taken in any way without having much knowledge about the thing properly. Steroids can destroy any particular feature if your body due to any inefficiency from the person. If you want to gain some body weight and maintain a perfect physique, then you should try the equipoise cycle. But if you tend to get an ideal result, you need to have a piece of adequate knowledge about the steroid at first. The dosage of your equipoise cycle depends on your experience of steroids. If you are a novice, you should take the minimum dosage of Equipoise. If you start taking a high dose, then it might cause some severe health issues even. The amount of Equipoise depends on whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced one.
  • Bodyweight: a drug steroid affect the body the way you want. But the whole scenario of equipoise cycle depends on the bodyweight of the person. If you have a proper body weight according to your age, then you might have a little more equipoise dosage than the ones with lesser bodyweight. Skinny people get affected by steroids and drugs easier than people with some considerable body weight. Keeping these points in mind, you should take a risk to go for equipoise cycle.
  • Aim of the person: the dosage of Equipoise depends on another factor besides the above two points. The last element is the aim of the person. Some people use Equipoise for body maintenance; some use Equipoise for gaining body weight while others use it for cutting fat and growing muscle strength. The dosage of Equipoise depends entirely on the aim of the person. If you have got a secondary purpose, then you should go for the least amount of Equipoise, but if you have a significant aim, then you might have a considerable amount of Equipoise.

Types of People Taking Equipoise

There are three categories of people taking an Equipoise cycle. The three distinct categories are as follows:

  • Beginner Equipoise Cycle: the period of the beginner cycle is fourteen weeks. The person going through the equipoise cycle will be able to see an effective result within only one week. The other week is for maintaining the stability of the equipoise cycle. For beginners, it is best to start with 300mg to 500mg of Testosterone Enanthate stacked with 400mg Equipoise per week. If the beginner follows this cycle of Equipoise, it helps in giving an efficient result as well as with the least possible side effects. The equipoise cycle in beginners provides effective result within weeks and potential gains. Beginners can go for bulking, lean mass cycle, and even cutting cycle with Equipoise. There are a few things which the beginner must keep in mind before starting an equipoise cycle. The person taking Equipoise stacks it with a considerable amount of testosterone for the best results. But an issue gets created with the estrogen level. Equipoise does not ensure any proper estrogen level control in the body as it does in case of testosterone. In some worst cases, the estrogen level starts to affect the shape of the person. In such cases, the person on Equipoise gets a soft but fluffy muscle structure from Equipoise. The female features get noticeable more on Equipoise due to the disturbing level of estrogen in the body, which in turn causes water retention. Things like this can be controlled by taking the aromatase inhibitor.
  •  Intermediate Equipoise Cycle: this equipoise cycle is the most popular one among all the bodybuilders. In this equipoise cycle, Equipoise is stacked with testosterone or Nandrolone or Dianabol. In this cycle, even Nandrolone has got not much role to play. This is because Equipoise and Nandrolone have almost the same composition and structure. Even their function is virtually identical. The intermediate cycle is a bit different from the beginner cycle of Equipoise. In the equipoise cycle of intermediates, the addition of Dianabol 25mgs orally every day, brings about a significant change in the physique of the person within a short period. The addition of Dianabol acts as a catalyst to the intermediate cycle of Equipoise. If you go for the middle sequence of Equipoise, you must follow the period for twelve weeks, at least. You have to stack the equipoise steroid with 100mgs of Testosterone Enanthate per week. You have to take at least 600mgs of Equipoise per week to get an effective result. The novice stage requires fourteen weeks to mark a considerable change with low dosage as compared to that of the intermediate cycle. In the case of the mid-cycle, the person increases the amount of Equipoise in the sequence. Automatically, the period of the cycle reduces.
  •  Advanced Equipoise Cycle: in the advanced Equipoise cycle, the person can take up to 600mgs of Equipoise stacked with 100mgs of testosterone enanthate and even with trenbolone enanthate at 400mgs per week. The advanced cycle continues for twelve weeks, also like the intermediate period. Equipoise cycle at least needs minimum twelve weeks time for getting an effective result. The trenbolone dosage in the composition of the equipoise cycle initiates the bodybuilding strategy of the steroid drug. Trenbolone Enanthate is chosen in the form of blending the other two medications of testosterone and Equipoise. In the advanced stage, the person gets a decent idea, technique, and even the consequences of equipoise cycle. Considering the other two factors of body weight and experience, the person can place him in one of the categories and, therefore, can choose the right amount of steroids needed for physical improvement.
Advantages of Equipoise

Advantages of Equipoise

Every steroid has its way of adjusting itself to the body. Some results are positive and worth noticing, while some are negative and risky at times. Before looking into the darker side of Equipoise, let’s peep into the bright side first. Here is a list of benefits which you can get after taking Equipoise dosage for a certain period:

  • Tissue development: with proper equipoise cycle, a person can successfully get some healthy physique. Equipoise, along with Trenbolone and Testosterone Enanthate, can show you magical results of tissue development within weeks of the cycle. Equipoise encourages your anabolism of the body and keeps the muscles stiff and robust.
  • Retains lean muscles: equipoise cycle helps in maintaining lean and soft muscles in the body. During adolescence, a person develops some permanent tissues in the body. The hormonal changes drive the structural development in the body. Some people do not get healthy muscle development during puberty, which makes them look weak and unhealthy. Equipoise cycle helps these people improve their lean and light body muscles into strong and heavy ones. 
  • Increases red blood cells in the body: the intake of Equipoise increases the production of red blood cells thirty times more in the body than usual. The increased number of red blood cells in the bloodstream makes it easier for the body to gain oxygen. The rising level of oxygen in the body makes metabolism faster than usual. The faster the body organ functions, the quicker is the growth rate of the body. So the increment in red blood cells helps the body in improving the body activities as well as the functions. The faster activities and increased energy levels in the body make muscle movement quicker and stronger, which in turn makes muscles healthy in males.
  • Increases endurance and strength: the dosage of Equipoise helps in making the muscles in males stronger than usual. The increased muscle strength helps in pushing your limits. You can efficiently deal with any problems related to physical activities. The stronger your muscles grow, the more you can intake damage. In simple words, the dosage of Equipoise increases your endurance level.
  • Lowers water retention in the body: when a person puts hormones like Equipoise in the body from external sources, it benefits him from illnesses like that of water retention in the body. In cases of water retention, the person suffers from the accumulation of body fluid in certain parts of the body. It causes severe pain in that particular affected part and enhances the chances of falling sick more often.   
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Side effects of Equipoise Dosage

Equipoise comes with a few side effects:

  • Increases Acne and oily skin
  • Increases unnecessary hair growth in the body
  • Equipoise makes the voice deeper in all genders. So it is best for women not to try Equipoise
  • Increases the chances of having jaundice
  • Increases the chances of having fluid retention
  • Reduces the layer of good cholesterol from the surrounding areas of the heart
  • Ignites the level of hunger in the body

To overcome such extreme cases of Equipoise side effects, you have to determine well before taking the right dosage in the right amount.