How to apply Equipoise in strength sports

How to apply Equipoise UK in strength sports

Equipoise is the brand name of the anabolic steroid Boldenone Undecylenate; it is a derivative of testosterone, which includes strong anabolic and androgenic properties. It contains protein – carbohydrates and fat in very less quantity. It is an injectable steroid used in muscle building but now mainly for veterinary purposes. The undecylenate ester is more significant than carbon by one atom, which makes the power of the drug more active and long. One must take this steroid injection every three to four weeks on repetition. Athletes take this steroid mostly to gain weight. Equipoise helps to produce more red blood cells, and it is cheaper, which makes it more favorable than Deca Durabolin. Although it is now used for horses in some countries for weight gaining and other physical improvement factors. Equipoise ester and high steroids, years back, companies used to add heavy sugar load, fat to ensure more calories in a dosage. 

One dose of Boldenone undecylenate had 3000 or more calories. Companies that make this steroid sometimes add many different ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, creatine, etc. to make it work more efficiently on the body. Equipoise gives slow but effective results. Taking this steroid for a long course will show a result that is worth it. But the most important thing is the right quantity of taking a steroid.

Purpose of Equipoise

Mostly boxers, football players, bodybuilders tend to take this steroid because of their physical improvement and active participation. People willing to gain weight as in muscle without getting fat can use it. People with a weak digestive system might gain overweight after taking it because of the carbs that go through the adipose deposition. On the other hand, people with a fast digestive system might need to add more supplements with it and increase the calorie portion in their diet because Equipoise is not enough for them. Intake of Equipoise helps to grow concentration and exercise more actively. Equipoise works in different ways, depending on the time of consumption.

Purpose of Equipoise

Dosage Recommendation

Boldenone undecylenate has a structure of 1,4-androstadiene-3-one,17B-OL. Since it is highly active, there is no way of taking a high dosage. An average of 200mg of Equipoise contains fat, carbs of minimum 80g, and boldenone undecylenate of 20-30gms. The steroid builds up to extreme estrogen in the body, which is not desirable, and that is the reason experts recommend a low dosage of this steroid for the human body. Since females and males have different body structures and systems, there is a separate dosage for both.

  • The clinical test shows that a male should not take more than 200 to 500mg every week.
    • But for a female 50-100mg dosage of steroids per week is adequate.
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 With Equipoise, it is possible to deal with hair loss, unintended aggression, acne, and oil on the skin as side effects, if taken high dosage Before injecting steroid, one must be cautious about rotating sites regularly. Steroids may cause irritation or discomfort or sometimes form abscess to some people that require surgical draining, so athletes get a recommendation to divide the dosage in 3ml and to rotate injection sites to reuse for every other week, but not more than once per week. There was a time when the dosage used to be of 25 or 50mg that used to cause discomfort, to overcome such problems manufacturers upgraded the steroid version from 25 and 50 to 100 and 200 mg. Now with these steroid versions, people have the freedom to dosage, and there are fewer chances of discomfort while taking the injection. It’s better not to higher dosage more than the recommendation by the manufacturer.

Preferable Dosage timings

  • One can take boldenone undecylenate before training. Because it provides energy substrates such as carbohydrates and Amino acids. It prepares the body or muscles for better concentration power and makes them active for long hours of an intense workout. It is undeniable that Equipoise is the most significant and preferable steroid by athletes.
    • Some prefer to take Equipoise after working out. After a work out session when protein – carb windows open, it closes Equipoise, which regenerates muscle tissues to recover strength quickly. It also helps to suppress catabolic processes.
    • Some prefer to take it any time of the day for more than once. Some people think that taking a steroid three-four times a day would help them gaining desired to wait quickly, but since Equipoise contains fat, carrying a high dosage of it can lead to overweight is enough to make Equipoise one time.

Side Effects Of Taking Equipoise 

Equipoise does not cause serious side effects. Side effects are often mild and tolerable. Too much oil in the skin, irritation, aggression, hair fall, virilization are common effects seen after taking Equipoise. Although taking a low dose of Equipoise might reduce discomfort and virilization.

  • Equipoise increases water retention in a considerable amount that is easily noticeable. It must convert testosterone double of what it turns into estrogen.
  • Equipoise contains ordinary food components, but if someone is allergic to any of the ingredients used in it, they might get discomfort or infection out of this steroid.
  • People who have sensitivity or people who take it in a large quantity might suffer from gynecomastia.
  • People with pancreatic problems have an enzymatic deficiency, which may cause indigestion of Equipoise.
  • Equipoise contains a high content of carb. So it is a must to store it properly. Otherwise, bacteria may get into the product if any moisture gets to enter the bottle, and then also it will cause intolerance or indigestion.
  • Food poisoning is commonly seen side effect in people after taking Equipoise. If someone gets diarrhea because of Equipoise, they should stop taking it immediately for a few days, and then they can again start taking it but in a low dosage.
  • Equipoise produces detectable metabolites in urine even after one month of use. Which can cause a slow release of steroids in blood, making the athlete fat?
  • Using enough steroids in the offseason can make an athlete fail the drug screen. 
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Effective Period

Boldenone Undecylenate follows the slow and steady wins the race method. One can not see a result right after taking Equipoise in a small cycle. Equipoise works efficiently in long periods; it takes time to enhance strength and muscle gain. One can see the difference in their physical appearance after receiving it, they don’t get large ones but solid and defined muscles. It lasts for more than 9 to 10 weeks. The muscle gain using Equipoise, due to less contribution of water retains after stopping steroid intake. Equipoise has quite similar components as Dianabol, but they are identical.

Side Effects Of Taking Equipoise

Use Of Equipoise With Other Supplements

Equipoise is such a steroid that can go with many different compounds and make a unique product out of it.

  • People who want to gain mass, strength, and solid muscles and that too with less of the side effects can take it with oxymetholone or Anadrol 50 otherwise, and they can even use injectable testosterone such as Sustanon 250. These work better than an intake of only androgen.
    • For people doing a cutting cycle. They can take non- aromatizable steroids such as stanozolol, trenbolone acetate, etc. And combine it with Equipoise for hardening muscles.
    • Surprisingly, the estrogen with low buildup combining with it is enough to relegate for some people during bulking cycles.

The Latest Version Of The Equipoise

Tokyo made the Equipoise 200, which is the most popular version of this product in the U.S so far. This upgraded version of Equipoise from 25 to 200 is in high demand. There are different versions from different places available at the black market of the U.S, such as the 100mg version of Equipoise from Dankal, Ganabol, from South America. There are many versions of 10, 100, 200. But 50ml is the most effective dosage sells for 250-300 dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Contents Of Equipoise?

A – Equipoise contains simple protein , carbohydrates, fat in a minimal amount. Some manufactureres include more ingredients such as creatine, amino acids etc.

Q. Is Equipoise A Steroid?

A – Equipoise is the brand name, but the anabolic product is Boldenone Undecylenate.

Q. Why Do Athletes Recommend Equipoise?

A – Equipoise produces more red blood cells, and it provides energy to the human body. It helps with gaining strength and mass.

Q. Is It Safe To Intake Steroids?

A – Steroids like equipoise contain ordinary food components, so they are safe, but there are minor side effects.

Q. What Happens When Somebody Takes A Higher Dosage Of It?

A – There are several side effects of taking steroids in a considerable quantity. One can get infection or gynecomastia, intolerance, or indigestion.

Q. Does Equipoise Show Instant Results?

A – No. Equipoise works slowly and steadily. One can not see results in the early days, but it gives satisfactory results when used for a long cycle.

Q. Is It Suitable For Drug-Tested Athletes?

A – No Equipoise is not the ideal steroid for the drug tested athletes. One can exhibit metabolic after one month of discontinuation.

Q. Is There Any Chance Of Becoming Overweight After Using This Steroid?

A – If a person has a reduced metabolism, then there is a chance of overweight because Equipoise contains simple carbohydrates.

The Latest Version Of The Equipoise

Q. Why Do People Add More Supplements With It?

A – There are people with a fast metabolism rate, and only Equipoise is not enough for them to gain the weight they desire. In such cases, they need to add more supplements or increase calorie portions in their daily diet.

Q. Which Version Of Equipoise Is The Most Powerful?

A – In today’s date Equipoise, 200 has a significant market value, but the equipoise version of 50ml is the most powerful one.

Q. How Long The Effects Last After Discontinuing The Steroid?

A – Effects last for 10weeks more or less.

Q. Is There Any Side Effect Of Using It?

A – Side effects of Equipoise are mild. People might get discomfort or irritation, such kind of an impact. But taking steroids in referred dosage can reduce the chances of side effects.

Q. Does It Work In The Cutting Cycle?

A – Yes, it does. It helps to harden muscles.

Q. Is There Any Steroid Available From Mexico?

A – Equigan version is a trustable product from Mexico.

Q. Can Women Take Equipoise?

A – Women can take Equipoise in a dosage of 50-100mg, weekly.